Tea Cozy

Hospitality is often expressed in the simplest of gestures that can be easily overlooked- fresh hand towels in the bathroom, cloth napkins instead of paper, cookies or cake always at hand to serve to unexpected guests, a tea cozy to keep tea hot so the hostess doesn’t have to keep popping up to refresh the pot…

This simple tea cozy was designed by Christina Sherrod, so we can take no credit for it, but we’ll walk you through how we altered the instructions to fit with the materials we had on hand.

Christina suggests using Insul-Bright as the insulating layer between the fabrics (which we have done before and it works wonderfully) or batting. We had Soft and Stable available and used that, as we’ve had success with batting for other tea cozies and keeping tea hot.


In Christina’s directions, she says to wait until the end to stuff the batting, rather than sew it to the lining. We weren’t sure why she gives this instruction, unless it is because she is thinking of polyester fiberfill batting which would not take well to being sewn like Insul-Bright.


We hand-basted the Soft and Stable to the lining before sewing the lining and outer fabric together to better hold it in place.


Whether you use it yourself or give it as a gift, a tea cozy is a darling and simple expression of hospitality.