Holiday Baking and Crafts Planning

Holidays and life events throughout the year can sneak up on the best of us. Karen has found charting baking and craft projects’ details to be a lifesaver, particularly through Excel spreadsheets like these:

Excel is handy because the spreadsheets can be organized numerically or alphabetically so that projects are sorted by their deadlines, the holidays, or simply by the projects’ names. As seen in the pictures, multiple spreadsheets can also be created in one document so all the project lists are together. Project lists can even be named by type and year, so you can keep track of what you make year to year, possibly adding columns so you can list where the supplies are stored, the websites where recipes and craft directions were found, amounts actually spent, etc.

If keeping track of projects on the computer isn’t your thing (and right now it isn’t Karen’s either- she brainstorms projects during car trips with her husband and hand writes everything because trying to plan projects together with a busy one-year old in the house just doesn’t work), the spreadsheets can easily be printed and stored somewhere readily accessible.

Ingredients or supplies shared among different projects can be picked out of the spreadsheets for creating a thorough shopping list so you don’t find yourself with too little butter, craft sticks, etc., etc. on the day you plan to bake or craft. You can also use the sheets to intentionally plan project days based on the holiday, your deadlines, or the projects’ shared supplies in order to maximize the time you use.

Lastly, if Word is more your thing, the sheets can easily be transferred into tables for Word documents like this Holiday Baking Organizer and this Holiday Project Organizer.