Drawing out Devotions

Drawing inside the Bible? Coloring, painting, stamping, taping inside the Bible? What is this new trend, and isn’t it rather… Blasphemous? Sacrilegious? A violation of the Holy Word? We have only to look back at the illuminated texts of the early and Middle Ages Church such as the first century¬†Book of Kells¬†to realize that this… Continue reading Drawing out Devotions

Re-Rooting Ourselves at Halloween

As a child growing up in the late 1980s/early 1990s in a conservative, white, and Evangelical Protestant home, I (Karen) did not experience Halloween beyond a few church-hosted Harvest Festivals and classroom celebrations where I dressed up in Scottish or pioneer attire if I dressed up at all. If I gave the holiday any thought,… Continue reading Re-Rooting Ourselves at Halloween