Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Deliciousness

Karen’s husband likes to mention every autumn that pumpkin is actually a winter crop as his response to the hype over the coming of fall, a.k.a. “pumpkin season”. In honor of that, and as an offering of something sweet and a different kind of treat for Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing a favorite autumn-y/winter-y/doesn’t matter what season cookie recipe.


These are very easy to make, even by hand. Karen used pumpkin that she baked, pureed, and then froze (easy directions for baking and pureeing pumpkin). She froze the pumpkin in one-cup portions to simplify measuring it later.

It’s always helpful to set out all ingredients prior to starting, and to have two mixing bowls handy, one for measuring and mixing the dry ingredients and one for measuring and mixing the wet.


You can mix the cookie dough easily by hand, with a hand mixer, or in a stand mixer.

Mixing the dry ingredients into the wet is a little more time consuming and takes more effort for sure, but the dough is very soft and mixes well.

Karen added about one cup chocolate chips, but a mixture of chocolate chips, nuts of choice, and dried cranberries would also be tasty.


The cookie sheets do not need to be greased, but Karen lined hers with foil since they’re older and the non-stick coating is worn off in places.


To help the cookies not spread into one another as much as they bake, you can place them in alternating rows of threes and twos on the sheets.

This recipe makes roughly two dozen, unless you make the cookies on the big side.

Bon appetit!



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