Winter Comfort

Sausage Bread
Every year someone in our family makes sausage bread. It started with a family friend giving it as Christmas gifts and has taken on from there, spreading from Karen’s husband’s family and beyond. Sausage bread has become one of those foods that we equate with pleasurable times on winter days or evenings, and we hope that it soon is the same for you and that you are able to make the recipe your own.


Each of us ladies here at BlogBeeMom make this recipe a little differently. Beth and Nancy especially like to switch things up and experiment with different cheeses and sausages (Beth just blends the mild and spicy to mellow out the filling). They especially like to add an Australian Croc cheese. Beth also makes her own simple white dough, rather than purchasing the frozen dough. Karen can’t find the Bridgford bread dough where she is, so she always buy a store brand pack of five loaves and still has filling left. Karen’s mother-in-law uses Italian sausage and makes a marinara sauce for dipping. So many options!


A few handy tips:

*Brown the sausages together if possible. Depending on what size pans you have, this may mean dividing them equally among a few pans or putting all three pounds together into one pan.

*If you have a food processor, it’s a time saver for chopping the parsley and green onions (especially if you are making more than one batch).

* You can use a cookie sheet or two for baking the loaves if you do not have enough bread pans. Just watch the sides and bottoms of the loaves, as they may be doughy and need to bake a little longer.

*If you don’t have a good surface for rolling out the dough, waxed paper works in a pinch. You’ll likely have to replace it every couple of loaves.

*You can make a tasty meatloaf of sorts with the left over filling by baking it along with the loaves in a greased bread or round cake pan.

*The loaves freeze and reheat very nicely!

If you try this and any variations, including ones that you come up with, please let us know in the comments below or by email!



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