Crunchy Pioneer Moms

Welcome to BlogBeeMom! We’re looking forward to sharing life with you, and hope that you are invigorated by what you find here in the months to come, from Nancy’s recipes and crafts, to Beth’s devotionals and food for thought, to Karen’s household and organizational tips, and our guest bloggers’ insights into life as a woman, a mother, and a human.

When we were tossing about blog title ideas, we tapped into a blog name generator at one point and had a few hours of hilarity putting together increasingly ridiculous names, with the all time favorite being Crunchy Pioneer Moms.

In many ways, that is actually what we are. Without over-analyzing the name, motherhood is a new frontier for each of us, no matter how long we’ve been mothers, and we are often crunchy in some form and for some reason (usually thanks to offspring, but sometimes by our own doing). We’re here to enjoy, celebrate, and thrive with you through the pioneering, crunchy moments of motherhood and life!

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