Streamlining the Moving Process

Moving is stressful, chaotic, unnerving, terrifying… And that is before packing even starts. While we don’t have every moving trick known to man, we have a few that have worked for us that we’ve picked up, having moved five times in the last three years. Freezer and Crockpot meals. Freezer meals pre-made take more initial… Continue reading Streamlining the Moving Process

Drawing out Devotions

Drawing inside the Bible? Coloring, painting, stamping, taping inside the Bible? What is this new trend, and isn’t it rather… Blasphemous? Sacrilegious? A violation of the Holy Word? We have only to look back at the illuminated texts of the early and Middle Ages Church such as the first century Book of Kells to realize that this… Continue reading Drawing out Devotions

Resurrection Eggs

Sharing the story of the Passion Week with children, especially Jesus’ death and resurrection, is made simpler if they can make kinesthetic connections with tangibles. Resurrection Eggs are an easy project you can make on your own or with your children, primarily with items that you can find right in your own home. I started… Continue reading Resurrection Eggs

Mint Bourbon Balls

Are you looking for something different to serve at this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day party? Look no further! Being new arrivals in Kentucky, one of the ways Karen and her husband started to acclimate was to complete the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. After most of the distillery tours, they were served Bourbon Balls; a very delicious… Continue reading Mint Bourbon Balls

Window With a (New) View: Part 3 (Finishing and Sealing)

Part 1, Part 2 When it came to the finished look of the frames, each sibling wanted something different. One wanted all black paint, one wanted all natural wood stain, and one wanted a combination of the two (black cross pieces and natural outer edges). After prepping the frames with painter’s tape to protect the glass,… Continue reading Window With a (New) View: Part 3 (Finishing and Sealing)